01.01.23: Start of 2023

Sunday January 1, 2023 – New Years Day – aftercap of the Dark 80’s NYE celebration in Vancouver, then a day of co-parenting, Gig work, and client work.

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12.31.22: End of 2022, Dark 80’s NYE

12.31.22: A end of the harsh year 2022, with bright enticing adventures into 2023 – Dancing the night away at the Dark 80s New Years Celebration in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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01.20.21: E-school, Gig work, King/Military Cian

1.20.22: e-school, military Cian, King Cian, gig work, inauguration, Biden, Trump, the grind.

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01.19.21: Skype, Steak, Shrimp, Look, Mishaps, GH, Drunk Driver

01.19.21: Cian dresses up military soldier, and King, they do e-school, the daily grind, and Grubhub shift in Bellingham. Client work and vlogging.

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01.18.21: Flags, Masks, Picking up Cian

Monday, January 18, 2021: Oisin noticed lots of flags displayed in the smaller towns, curious. Gig work and Grubhub, he drove down to Kent to pickup Cian.

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01.17.21: Grubhub, Grind, Solitude

01.17.21: Another day in the grind, this time kid-free as Cian is with mom. Grubhub, the Vow, the Stand, and exhaustion.

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01.16.21: Racehorse Falls, accounting, The Vow

1/16/21: A day without Cian, Oisin spent most of it doing accounting, bookkeeping, and running errands. He met up with Greggory and Jack for a hike up to Racehorse Falls.

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01.15.21: E-school, Grubhub, Northgate drop-off

Friday, January 15, 2021 Oisin and Cian finish up the weeks e-school, do a Grubhub delivery shift, then Cian to his mom’s for a 3 day weekend.

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01.14.21: U.S. mess, E-school, Grubhub

1/14/21: Oisin and Cian – Just another day. Stressing about world events, upcoming predicted violence. E-school, blogging,vlogging, accounting, client work. Grubhub and scams.

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01.13.21: The Grind, E-school, High Winds, Flooding, Impeachment

1/13/21: Usual grind for Oisin and Cian, but dad had a bout of asthma and heavily stressed about world affairs. E-school and deliveries, web development and minecraft consumed the day.

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