1987: Freshman Year

1987: On to College, Florida State University Freshman Year. Run Time: 1min, 35 sec. Soundtrack: Fancy People by Stereo Reform. Blog: https://www.technotink.net/truethomas/ video on Magisto

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High School in the 1980’s: 1984-1986

A mash-up and collection of photos from my high school days in the 1980’s …. Tommy Baurley, 1984-1986 at Goddard High School, Roswell, New Mexico class of 1986.

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11.01.89: Family

Picture of Gypsy Lee Jones at 3 months age, November 1989.

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03.29.75: Family

Postcard from Thomas’ brother Bill to his Mom and Dad dated March 29, 1975:Dear Mom and Dad, well im back on this ungodly barge which is a nightmare after being through some nice country. Never […]

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09.28.88: Life, Family, Oregon

Tom’s sister Mona wrote his mom (Patricia) from Oregon stating “Made it to Eugene, oregon – heading south on the coast highway. Love you, Mona” date Sept 28 ,1988.

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08.01.91: Family

A picture of my niece Leah Baurley (Gypsy Lee) from August 1991, in New Mexico, photographed by my mother: Patricia Baurley:

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The Divorce (1990)

The high school lovers end their marriage …

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Dream of the 7 white-robed beings

Guided by 7 white faced mouthless beings …

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07.01.1988: South Fork, Riodoso

His father inspired him into Archaeology …

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Prologue: The Queen and King

A Happy couple … Mom and Dad to True Thomas

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