01.24.96: friendships and others

Wednesday, 24 January 1996Tallahassee, Florida Another day at Graduate School and working for the National Park Service. Sir Thomas was getting a bit stressed out, overwhelmed by single parenting, full-time graduate school, and full time […]

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01.16.96: Making Rings

Tuesday, 16 January 1996Tallahassee, Florida Sir Thomas contacted his friends from the SCA, Sir Will and Lady Melissa, about casting, lost wax method, and solutions to making their own wedding rings. He met with Will […]

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01.12.96: Promise Rings

Friday, 12 January 1996Tallahassee, Florida Lady Hena came back up on Friday to spend time with Sir Thomas and Princess Breanna. They had a wonderful weekend together. Sir Thomas gave Lady Hena a promise ring […]

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01.08.96: The whirlwind

Monday, January 8, 1996Tallahassee, Florida Princess Breanna returned home from her mother’s a few days ago and was settling back into school this date at Kate Sullivan Elementary. They were back at the city house […]

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01.05.96: The Proposal

Friday, January 5, 1996Tallahassee, Florida Princess Breanna would be coming home from her mother’s this weekend, so this was one of the last weekends this month that Sir Thomas and Lady Hena could have the […]

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12.29.95: The fateful moment

Friday, 29 December 1995Tallahassee, Florida Sir Thomas worked a short day at work. Princess Breanna was visiting her mom in Texas for the holidays. Sir Thomas came home around lunch and checked the mail only […]

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12.26.95: Realization of a letter in transit

Tuesday, 26 December 1995Tallahassee, Florida Sir Thomas was quite busy with finishing up the holidays and getting ready to get back to work. He was in an intimate friendship under the fuzzy guise of polyamory […]

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12.23.95: Revelation of Love

Saturday, 23 December 1995Tallahassee, Florida Shortly before Christmas, Sir Thomas was getting ready for the holiday spirit, having already celebrated Yule and the Winter Solstice, he was figuring out what to do for Christmas Break. […]

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12.09.95: Weekend in the country

Saturday, 9 December 1995Tallahassee, Florida Saturday was a day of relaxation as Sir Thomas was overwhelmed with graduate school, planning for the holidays, preparing for Princess Breanna to go visit her mom, and getting work […]

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11.24.95: Thanksgiving Crushes

Friday, 24 November 1995Tallahassee, Florida Off from school, Sir Thomas and Princess Breanna worked Thanksgiving Dinner preparations. They were at their country house for the weekend. She was supposed to go to her mom’s, but […]

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