Blank Canvas Cafe (Colorado Springs)

A great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and cafe off of Wahsatch Avenue in downtown Colorado Springs. It appears to be a popular hangout and has great reviews.

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Spiced Island Grill (Colorado Springs)

A delicious treat of Jamaican food and spiced island gourmet that has a top rating in Colorado Springs. A little off-map location down by the park and railroad in downtown Colorado Springs.

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Qdoba Mexican Eats

An international fast food medium-range chain that can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In 2003 it became a subsidiary of Jack-In-The-Box.

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The Lighted Lantern Statue, Tejon street, Colorado Springs

A beautifully sculptured statue along downtown Colorado Springs’ main drag – this sculpture was created by artist James N. Muir.
The artist describes that statue as a pioneer couple finding the courage within, balanced by the strength of their union holding aloft the lantern light of hope for a brave new world of freedom for all …

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“The Dance” statue – Tejon street, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Downtown Colorado Springs is adorned with this spinning bronze sculpture of a dancing couple mounted on a wheel axis slowly turning around and around. It’s a charming piece for the downtown area. It is inscribed as “The Heart Has Reasons That Reason Does Not Know” and was created by artist James N Muir.

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Red Gravy (Colorado Springs)

I have yet to visit this wonderful artsy and comfortable restaurant for a dine-in, though have been through the doors many times for deliveries. Every customer I’ve delivered to is a dedicated patron, always enthusiastic about receiving the delivery.

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Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza

I have made numerous deliveries for this establishment in Colorado Springs and Denver. Every customer that received their orders was excited and almost drooling with anticipation to dig in, so I gather the food is spectacular. It smells it.

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Country Buffet

Old Country Buffet has approximately 168 locations throughout the United States under the names of Country Buffet or Home Town Buffet. The mascot for the restaurants is the “O.C. Bee”. The restaurant chain is part of Ovation Brands, Inc. based in Texas as a subsidiary of Food Management Partners, Inc.

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The Pallisades, John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon

A breathtaking rest stop along the scenic Journey through Time scenic byway in Oregon is the geological feature known as the Pallisades. It is located roughly 18 miles west of Fossil, Oregon.

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Journey through Time Scenic Byway (Oregon)

This scenic route goes through parts of the state of Oregon spanning five counties and passing through Dayville, Mount Vernon, John Day, and Prairie City. It consists of Oregon Routes 7, 19, 26, 218, and U.S. Route 97 following much of the John Day River.

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