The Techno Tink Magic Studio

Entering 2022, Techno Tink has built its professional magic studio and shop within Techno Tink Treasures. Here we are offering individual classes, lessons, performances, and merchandise to help fellow magicians in their arts. Organized by our resident magician – Sir Thomas Oisin Leif Rhymour … and once the pandemic is stable, we’ll be offering workshops, classes, meetings, and gatherings. Interested in learning magic? Reach out. We’ll have occasional open houses upcoming and gatherings through the Techno Tinker Society.

Come browse through our online STORE.  Interested in booking a show?  Reach out to Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymour.

You can shop online here, visit our eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Rockygems shops. You can visit us in person at any events we are vending or visit our warehouse by appointment.  You can also find our items on Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Nextdoor, and Craigslist.

The Techno Tink Sister shops can be found specializing in Techno Tink Treasure (everything), The Naiads’ Well (folklore, beliefs, and nature), Pirate Relief (your Pirate shop), and the Techno Tink Magic Studio (Performance, magic tricks, and effects).


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