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Techno Tink Media Writing Services offers assistance with your publications, reports, periodicals, and research. We can help lay out brochures, magazines, pamphlets, journals, periodicals, publications, and books. We can provide “ghostwriting” services. We can collaborate with you on any project and assist you in the production of the presentation, report, or point you need to get across.

We also provide blogging services, blog setup, blogging training, and online network presentations. We can write reviews, articles, stories, and entries for you and your magazine, periodical, blog, or journal. We can also provide quality photographs, images, illustrations, and layout schematics.

We write all kinds of articles:

  • Content for your magazine, journal, or newsletter
  • Articles for Blogs or Newspapers
  • Research Papers or Periodicals
  • Content for your website

Our quotes are free and our prices are reasonable. We’ll add keywords for search engine optimization to improve hits for your blog or article’s pages. No size is the limit. We can provide articles at any length you seek.

If you need basic content, articles, or subject reviews for your blogs, we have some Basic pre-content article package prices available:
The article content is yours to keep and won’t be reproduced elsewhere.

  • Basic Article for Print Publication: – 500 words = $50.00.
  • Basic Blog Article: 250-300 words = $50.00
  • Photo to illustrate your article: non-exclusive use: $50.00; exclusive use: $500.00.
    Illustration/Graphic Design to illustrate your article: $100.00.

To view some of our author works with blogs online, visit:

If you are interested in our “ghostwriting” services, please send us an email outlining the project you have in mind. We’ll contact you with some questions and send you a quote for the cost of the work. info@technotink.net

For a custom quote or, more specific project or task, let us know what you are interested in and email us at: info@technotink.net or use our contact form.

Additional Services:
Design Services
Graphic Design Services
Web Design
Much more

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