02.13.96: Contemplations

Tuesday, 13 February 1996
Tallahassee, Florida

As Valentine’s day approached, Sir Thomas just thought and thought about the love of his life, and how addicted he was to her and the relationship. He realized he was becoming lost into her soul. He was comfortable, so in love. It was like a virus. Her heart meshed with his, and it didn’t affect him topically that he lost some friends through his union with her. Long time friends as well. Something he would regret someday down the road. As well as giving up dancing. All for love? It seemed worth it though.

Princess Breanna came home with homework and an assignment for Valentine cards to bring to class. So after a long day of graduate school and full-time work doing analysis at the National Park Service, they returned to their Brevard street city home, made spaghetti and mixed veggies for dinner, then laid out construction paper across the dining room table making hearts and cards for Princess Breanna’s school mates. They went over her homework and finished up early. Dad tucked the Princess to sleep and went to work on graduate school work and called Lady Hena for a late-night talk. Afterward, she wrote him a wonderful letter. So in love were they.

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