Weaving Adventure, Imagination, and Magic into your presence in print, web, and media ....

In a sense, we are a group of jacks and janes of all trades. We strive to offer the skills and support sought after by our clients, affiliates, community, and extended family. If we don’t offer the services you need, we will aim to guide you to the appropriate subject matter experts. While we specialize in publications both in print and online, we also have a variety of services ranging beyond the basics. We can do everything you need done for you or help train you to do it yourself.

  • Advertising: From text ads to banners, SEO services, and social media, let us help you spread the word about your services, products, and ideas. We specialize in social media and marketing.
  • Courses, Certification, and Training: We’ve got the talent and knowledge to help train your staff, customers, and clients in a multitude of technical skills. Let us show you how! We offer classes in web design, graphic design, programming, Adobe products, ArcGIS, cartography, and illustration.
  • Design: From graphic art to Web design and development, Landscapes, Illustration, and Cartography. Let us map your dreams and weave your webs.
  • Digital Archiving: Skilled in archiving, both manual and electronic, we can help you with streamlining your storage solutions of documents and artifacts to electronic formats.
  • Research: Need a researcher? Need to figure out a solution? hunt down facts? Find something online? in an archive? at a library? Looking for a particular map? Search no more … we are your solution. We specialize in reports, land plots, land patents, genealogy, historical research, artifact/floral/faunal/ and mineral identification.
  • Writing: Need a ghostwriter? novelist? illustrator? artist? Need to promote your services? articles? blogs? stories? Need to find an agent? Let us serve you.

For a custom quote, a more specific project, or task, let us know what you are interested in and email us at info@technotink.net or use our contact form.

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