Technical Support


A personal tech support agent ready to serve you.


Techno Tink Media has solutions for your tech support needs. We offer a variety of technical support services at an hourly rate. We will do computer updates, program installations, virus cleaning, telephone help desk, and any other assistance we specialize in that you need. All service calls are billed per hour with 1 hour minimum charge.

We can play the middle-person for other companies such as needs between you and web host, internet service provider, domain name services, software provider, payment portal, shipping client, and/or tax office. We can assist with your Control Panel, Email Services, and/or Software Installation. We can do Web Site setups, domain registration assistance, and any other non-developmental services that you need.

New customer?
To begin a tech support contract, please pre-pay for 4 hours in advance (We’ll give you 5 hours of support).   (Choose Qty: 4)

To continue beyond your 4 hours (5 hours as a package) just purchase 1 hour increments.

Return customer?
Just add the estimated number of hours needed.


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