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Client Portal is an integral part of Techno tink Media’s services and commitment. This gateway exists as an interactive private archive for current and past clients. In short, customers can use the portal to check-in, review project status, grab images, documents, invoices, and flow charts. Included within the Client Portal is billing, preferences, contact information, and links to test boxes, DropBox, Flickr, and FTP accounts. This is the best place to keep up-to-date with your project’s progress and status. Accordingly, with this access, you will be able to plan out your project wisely and efficiently.

Portal is the access point for client-designer workspaces for archives, development, and accounting. The Portal lists all clients active or inactive creating an unexpired archive. Most importantly, this gateway is our master archive of projects completed or in the works, designs, images, and a method to retrieve archived documents as well. These files date from our inception as Leafworks in 1990 to Wandering Leaf Designs in 2000, and Technogypsie Productions / Leafworks in 2008, and Techno Tink Media in 2019. Similarly, All clients are listed below from 1990 to the present. The Client Portal and Gateway overall is your passage to the gears that keep your presence running. Therefore, with this access, you can plan, budget, and create your strategy for success.

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