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Stock images and Photography
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Stock images and Photography

When creating your presence whether digitally or in print, you’ll need photos, images, illustrations, and artwork to convey your message as well as to accompany your text. When hiring us to create media for you – you’ll either need to provide your own artwork and photos or hire us to create for you. We can custom-create logos, images, and illustrations for you.

At Techno Tink Photography, we offer a selection of stock photographs for use in your works at industry-standard pricing.

There are many stock image and photography companies online. Here are a few of those that we use.

Techno Tink Media

Techno Tink Media, Inc. is a design source for graphic design, web development, and media presentation in print, digital, and internet formats. We are also a photography business, arts, crafts, and design service manifesting your image to represent you. For more information, contact us at info@technotink.net. http://www.technotink.net.

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