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Techno Tink Media’s digitizing services can help you go paperless and green. Moreover, be environmentally conscious and save resources by digitizing your records.

Go Green – Go Paperless!

The industry standard today is for the complete digitization of your documents, files, forms, and data. While storing paper copies is a good idea, storage prices are at a premium, and archival methods become tricky. Just as one can experience data loss, one can experience critical loss of permanent documents. Digitizing Services are available to assist you to go paperless.

Archival regulations recommend keeping at least the permanent hard copies for at least 7 years depending on the type. Also recommended is to keep several digital copies of that data stored in several locations.

The cloud is the booming source for the easiest-to-obtain duplicates and files at your fingertips. However, most companies and individuals, possess years upon years of paper files – all of which somehow missed digital data archiving.

The time is now to digitize

Techno Tink Media can help you with digitizing services and going paperless. Moreover, by not only archiving the data but streamlining access to it. We can help you archive your data and maximize retrieval, access, and management. We are specialists in Curation, Conservation, Archive, and Data Management.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

We are highly skilled in scanning technology and archive methodologies. We specialize in conversion to Adobe PDF documents with Acrobat Professional. Additionally – experts with ArcGIS, Past Perfect, Access, NEAT, E-File Folder, and most cloud archival programs.

If you are local to our headquarters – we can either pick up your documents for scanning or come to you. If you have the proper equipment and need for security – we can come to your office and scan from there. Further, these files can be stored on a portable drive, CD/DVD, cloud, or database for you.

Our rates are affordable and streamlined for your budget and needs.

Our services will help you:

  • Digitizing Services – Go Paperless
  • Achieve the Federal Paperless Reduction Act
  • Retrieve documents easily and sensibly
  • Access documents from remote locations
  • Comply with retrieval laws
  • improve office workflow
  • lower storage and archive costs

Document Scanning

As a result, we do not use automation. Utilizing our digitizing services – your documents are scanned by professional scanners, monitored, and cross-checked by the human eye, and handled properly. You can save costs by providing documents without clips, staples, or binding – or you can have us do that for you. When you go paperless – your savings are incredible.

Our method:

  1. We meet to consult your needs and requirements either by phone or at your office.
  2. A quote will be estimated for the project. We can do either package deals or price per hour.
  3. The contract is signed and we require half paid upfront for the project.
  4. You’ll either drop them off or we’ll pick up the documents for scanning. You can save money by prepping them in removing bindings, staples, and clips – or you can include this extra service in the package.
  5. Documents will be scanned either in color or monotone, your choice. We’ll monitor scanning as it is conducted.
  6. Documents are preferably scanned into PDF format so they can be indexed.
  7. For an extra fee, these can be meta-tagged and indexed for easier access and use.
  8. Documents are saved either on CD/DVD/ or portable hard drive, your choice, your cost. We can also upload them to a cloud service if you utilize one.

Photo Scanning

Have old photos you’d like to digitize? We can scan them in for you and archive them. $50 minimum per project.

Standard photo sizes = 50 cents for each photo at 300 dpi, and 75 cents at 600 dpi.
Photos over 3 x 5 = $1.00 each at 300 dpi, $1.50 at 600 dpi.

Photos will be placed on a CD/DVD/ or photo drive for you. There will be a $5 charge per CD/DVD created.

If you’d like each photo to be meta-tagged, an additional $1 charge per photo will be added.

Photos are able to be saved in JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD, or PDF formats.

Books and Publications

Making e-books is also a great way to go digital.
A 300-page book scanned and converted to PDF, manipulated, checked, and processed will take about 3-4 hours. The charge is approximately $50-$75 depending on color, binding, and size.


A cubic foot of records comprises approximately 2,000 pages. The average archive box is 5 inches.

Our estimates are based on typical library/archive management procedures/timelines/ and charts. See here: http://digital.uflib.ufl.edu/technologies/documentation/average_times.htm

Additional Services

Design Services
Graphic Design Services
Web Design

and Much More

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