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Techno Tink Media offers a variety of web site packages to get started with your web design and development needs. Unsure of your budget and needs? Additionally, you can consult with us for free to determine a game plan. Web sites can be intimidating and expensive, but they do not need to be. As a result, we offer an assortment of starter packages to get your business, service, company, or office online.

Who do we work with?

Techno Tink Media can help individuals, non-profits, companies, mom n’ pop shops, government offices, and startups. Moreover, we can help you with your needs. Need a blog? an online storefront? an archive? a customized program? entertainment complex? There is no need to look further. Let’s get started today!

Traditionally, we also offer creative services from ghostwriting to logo creation, product photography to editing, and photo editing. We also specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, marketing, and e-commerce.

Starting with Web Site Packages

Techno Tink Media understands budget constraints. We understand how intimidating getting started on the World Wide Web can be. Therefore, we’ve created some starter packages to simplify the process. Following are some of our more popular web site packages.

The Basic Site

WordPress Site

WordPress web site packages begin with a 6-10 page site. The package includes up to 10 pages with you providing the content and images. (Suggested: Home page, About Us, Contact Us, Services, FAQ, Site Map, News, and Blog.) Additionally, the package includes a basic logo, custom header image, header, drop-down menu, pages, footer, sidebar, contact form, search bar, widgets, and custom WordPress install. You provide hosting and domain, content, and images.

E-Commerce or Blog Site

Full Corporate Site

The Corporate web site packages are ideal for most medium-large companies to start. Package includes a 16-30 page large business site including blog and E-commerce. Additionally, the package includes up to 30 pages (as a combination of product, blog posts, pages, posts, and categories).

We will help you choose and configure a WordPress theme (an available free theme or you can purchase a pro-theme). We will install and configure WordPress and up to 15 plug-ins, and/or up-to 5 themes.

In the same manner, the site package includes a Basic logo, buttons, header image, header, drop-down menus, pages, footers, and sidebars. We will create up to 3 forms and configure them to your server/host. The site includes a search bar, widgets, installation of an E-commerce plugin, configuration, and setup. You provide hosting account, domain name, purchase of any upgraded e-commerce programs, plug-ins, and themes. You provide images and content.

Budgeting and Additional Services

Techno Tink Media can provide everything you need for your web site and budget. Experts in content and images, you won’t need to look further. You can either provide the images and content yourself or get them from us. Our services extend to content, images, photography, illustration, programming, editing, design, and scripting. In addition, we can provide marketing, social media, networking, SEO, advertising, and maintenance. You can begin with customized web site packages or pay for services by the hour.

We also offer basic computer repair, virus scanning, fixing of corrupt data, and software installations.

For a custome quote, more specific project or task, let us know what you are interested in and email us at: info@technotink.net or use our contact form.

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