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Techno Tink Media specializes in Web Design and development. Moreover, specialization in websites, marketing, SEO, and social media. The team at Techno Tink Media has been weaving websites since the advent of the internet.

Basic beginnings

The founder, Thomas Baurley, started his journey pre-Internet before the World Wide Web was a thing. During the early ’80s specialized in bulletin boards, Basic language, Qlink, IBM’s Apple computers, and Commodore 64/128 systems. He started by designing interactive BBS systems and basic adventure games with Basic, Unix, and C+.

As the web evolved so did he and the remainder of our team. Our main developer and founder began teaching web design classes before it was taught in Universities. Thomas was well known in Tallahassee, Florida where he began his journey. His first web design company was called “Leafworks” Web Design & Development. He taught HTML programming classes online before academia caught on or could offer it. Mr. Baurley became the webmaster for the Florida Division of Historical Resources, Effron Enterprises, Thompson Interactive Media, Expatexchange, and more. Several web firms he co-owned and founded; such as Leafworks, Wandering Leaf Designs, and Technogypsie Productions. His final creation is Techno Tink Media.


Our specialty in Web Design and development is hard coding and programming languages. In other words, we hard code HTML in our sleep and provide you with sound pages and scripts for your business or company needs. Our specialization is in cultural, ecological, community, educational, and entertainment designs. Experts as well with online shopping carts, and blogging media. Origins with Cart press, WordPress, XML, PHP, ASP, Miva merchant, web crossing, javascript, CGI, Perl, and UNIX. Developers with WordPress, Woocommerce, WCFM, Museum Software, ArcGIS, Google technologies, Yoast SEO, and Adobe.

We are also social media wizards able to get you connected to tens of thousands online. Possessing high expertise with X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, tribe, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, LiveJournal, Twitter, Friendster, and formerly Google+. We are also talented at SEO Optimization and advertising utilizing Yoast SEO. Allow us to help you meet your needs and goals.

Becoming a Family and Community

When you work with us we consider you family. As a result, you will benefit from our Web Design & Development offerings. As well as, Graphic Art and Design, Editing, ghostwriting, proofing, and research services. Marketing, advertising, blogging, promotion, SEO, and social media. Allow us to help build your online presence and content. Join our family of those who know their way around the web. Not sure of your budget and how to begin? The cost and investment of proper website design and development can be intimidating. We have some starter web packages available, but best to let us know your needs and what solutions we have for what you’d like to achieve.

Free initial consultation, contact us today.

E-commerce and online sales solutions:

Amazon Shop Creation

App Development

eBay Store Setup

E-commerce Shops:
Cart press
Miva Merchant

Etsy Store Setup

Full Web Sites: Internet and Intranet

AutoCAD, GIS/Cartography Services

Programming Services
– C++
– Cold Fusion
– JavaScript
– MivaScript

Social Media Page Creation:
– Flickr
– Instagram
– LiveJournal
– Myspace
– Tribe
– Twitter
– WordPress

Photography and Stock Images

We’ve got photos and stock images you can purchase to use with your website or media creations at www.technotink.net/photography For the creation of your print or web publications, you’ll need to provide logos, illustrations, images, and photos to accompany your text. We can create these for you, you can purchase our stock images, or you can get them online at a number of stock image repositories either for free or at cost.

For a more specific project or task, let us know what you are interested in and email us at: info@technotink.net or use our contact form.

Additional Services:
Design Services
Graphic Design Services
Web Design
Much more

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