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Techno Tink Media offers an assortment of professional graphic design services. Our team members are experts in graphic design, illustrations, logos, cartography, maps, photos, and photography. Need to promote your image, presence, and services online or in print? Ultimately, Techno Tink Graphic Design services is your solution. We also off stock photography, illustration, and custom logos upon request. If you are local to our office, we can also send a photographer to your company to photograph products, architecture, personnel, establishment, and our representations of your services. Need to create custom maps or layouts? We specialize in ArcGIS and cartography. Let us map your presence.

Graphic Design

Whether its a logo or illustration, let our artists create your line-art or images for you. These can be utilized in both print and electronic media. Services range from Logo design, Cover Art, publications, blogs, Ad creation, maps, layouts, and illustration.

We sell our Logos and illustrations by either Limited Use, or Unlimited Use. While Limited Use is at a lower cost, it is restricted to a specific use or medium, media, or project. Unlimited use, while higher priced, will allow you to use the image for any of your medium, media, or project needs. While packages are available for a set cost, most of the work is charged by the hour, with a minimum one-hour charge.

Web Design and Development

As part of our premium offerings is a complete web site design and development. Let us create your calling card, electronic brochure, or full electronic catalog/portfolio online for you. As a result, we specialize in websites, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media. We can incorporate easy to use WordPress blog software for you to have an interactive blog or online shop. We do offer packages but primarily our services are charged by the hour, with a minimum one hour charge. Availability is based on current client load on a first come, first serve basis. We also provide programming and app development services.

In addition to development, we offer Technical Support. Technical support packages are available, but generally we charge per hour with a one-hour minimum charge. We can provide assistance between you and your web host, domain provider, use of your control panel, plugins, updates, email services, and/or software installation.

Print and Publication

Techno Tink Media began its journey with print media and publications. Our studio offers all of the basic services from business cards, menus, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials. Techno TInk can create print and PDF catalogs, fliers, journals, magazines, and publications for you. We can assist in the publication of books and manuscripts. As a matter of fact, we specialize in the cover art.

Some of our common print solutions: 

  • Business card Design
  • Menu Design
  • Pamphlet/brochure Creation
  • Fliers and other Promotional Material
  • 3–5-page Catalog
  • 10–12-page Catalog
  • 36-page Catalog
  • Layout and Construction of 36-page Magazine or Journal  
  • Architectural design and maps
  • Maps and Cartography

For a more specific project or task, let us know what you are interested in and email us at: info@technotink.net or use our contact form.

Photography and Stock Images

We’ve got photos and stock images you can purchase to use with your website or media creations at www.technotink.net/photography For the creation of your print or web publications, you’ll need to provide logos, illustrations, images, and photos to accompany your text. We can create these for you, you can purchase our stock images, or you can get them online at a number of stock image repositories either for free or at cost.

Additional Services:
Design Services
Graphic Design Services
Web Design
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