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advertising on Techno Tink Media

Interested in Advertising with Techno Tink Media?

Advertising on Techno Tink Media and its associated blogs can help get you exposure, leads, and visitors. So, advertise with us today! you won’t be disappointed. We have a wide variety of blogs, journals, and sites in our network. In addition, we have associates, affiliates, and clients who might match your needs.

We also do SEO, Social Networking, Google AdSense, and help you with YouTube earnings. We can run ads for you, help you find places to advertise in both print and internet media as well as design your message for you.

From banner ads to print advertisements, we’ve got you covered.

Want to extend out your presence to our readers? show your ads on our numerous blogs? Most importantly we have several offerings and places where you can place your advertisements on our sites where you can gain attention with our visitors, fans, clients, readers, and viewers. As a matter of fact, we can provide special tracking codes for click-through tracking for your ads as well.

If you need assistance with logo or ad development, rates begin at $50/hour. Basic logos will take approximately $50-100 to create but will be dependent on parameters and size of logo or ad requested. If you have your own banner, ad, logo, or image – just submit your request and desired location to advertising@technotink.net.

Placement on Main Root pages:

* Home pages or root pages (the first page you see on a site such as an Index.html page) are known as our top-level pages. This also includes the front pages of our main sites (non-blog, non-article pages) are handled on a case-by-case basis. Advertisers on these pages require context to be relative to the page content and cannot be a competing service to a service we are offering.

Banner Ads:

banner ad

Rectangular Advert on pages:

Rectangular ad

Placement on Article or Blog:

* These are for single entry or article pages on any of our participating Blogs. View our blog list at www.technotink.com. When submitting a request to place an ad on a particular article page, please submit a link of the article page you would like placement on, and please send details of what you would like to do – i.e. link to your website that will be linked to, and a sample of the ad you are interested in placing.

banner ad

Banner Ads on blog pages:

Rectangular Advert on blogs:

Rectangular Advert  - advertising on Techno Tink Media

Text Link Ad:

  • A paragraph in the left or right column or bottom of the page:
    (max 20 words): $20/ month
  • Text Link in left or right column or bottom of page
    (max 5 words): $ 10/month
  • Site name / URL link in the left or right column or inserted in the body of the ad:
    $ 5/month


Moreover, 10% discount if you pay for 3 months at a time. 25% discount if you pay for a 1/2 year in advance. 30% discount if pay a year at a time. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Amazon, Paypal, Cash, and Checks. Submit to advertising@technotink.net.

Advertising on Techno Tink Media
Advertising on Techno Tink Media

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