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About Our Story

Techno Tink Media Origins: The journey began in the early ’80s when our founder, Thomas Baurley began programming and publications. Learning on the Apple and the Commodore 64, he became addicted. Bulletin Board Systems and the Commodore 64/128 QLink pre-internet stimulated his creativity. Thomas learned Basic, Perl, and early programming languages. Mr. Baurley then dove deep into creating newsletters, business cards, and print publications.

By the early 1990s, Thomas Baurley opened up his first web studio – Leafworks, Inc with 7 developers. The corporation blossomed from 1990 to early 2000 expanding into research services merging the founder’s passion for cultural resources. This eventually drove Leafworks becoming specialized in digitizing Cultural Resources.

Expanding into Anthropology and Nomadic Culture, Leafworks evolved into Wandering Leaf Designs from 2000-2006 branching out across North America. Expanding into Photography, storytelling, and world travel, Technogypsie Productions was born and created interactive media until late 2018.

Techno Tink, Inc.

Fall 2019, Thomas decided that “Technogypsie” was not a culturally appropriate namesake or reflective of the company’s focus and intent. Contemplating terminology and cultural appropriation, he decided the term was not his to use. Out of respect for Romanian ethnic groups that were divided about the term “Technogypsie” it was time for closure. Thomas moved the focus more towards his own European roots captivating the original embrace of an artistic group of nomads. He diversified the focus of the team from graphic art, research, and design into advertising, marketing, social media, and blogging. In Short, Techno Tink wants to focus on bringing their client’s stories to life.

Thomas Baurley mapping a path across the Yorkshire Dales beginning his path blogging and dreamscaping Techno Tink Media origins.
Our founder mapping a path hiking across
the Yorkshire Dales in England.

The Story of Techno Tink Media Origins

In the early 1980’s, Thomas Baurley began his digital journey learning Basic, Unix, and early Programming languages. When the Internet was created, he wandered out of the dark digital threads of the primordial World Wide Web. He evolved his Adobe based expertise of print publishing into the Internet – captivated by HTML, CGI, ASP, and Cold Fusion. In the 1990’s he became the Information Coordinator and Webmaster for Florida Division of Historical Resources. Thomas proudly managed the Bureau’s pages, including Florida Kids, Museum of Florida History, and Bureau of Archaeological Research. Mr. Baurley began winning awards for his creativity for the State of Florida and clients lining up for his services. He teamed up with other Digital and Print wizards creating their first web studio.

Leafworks, Inc.

With years of experience in Archaeological databases with the National Park Services’ Southeastern Archaeological Center, Thomas Baurley started up Leafworks. He began teaching web development and graphic design both in-person and online, operating out of a little office in Tallahassee, Florida. Thomas was conveniently just down the street from the Florida Division of Historical Resources where he continued to work. Within a year, he had upwards of 7 developers joined the team.

Leafworks first specialized in database design, map, and records research services at the Florida Master Site File. The team then expanded into managing the online repositories of data for several corporations and governmental divisions. From online research, cartography, digital databases, internet, and intranets he expanded into e-commerce. From his travels around the world doing Archaeology and Anthropology, his focus and training became well known before offered by universities. His clients ranged from Expatexchange, Effron Enterprises, to the Pentagon.

Wandering Leaf, LLC.

After traveling the world doing field archaeology, research, and media – Thomas’ dedication to the digital world changed after Y2K. He decided to change the scenery outside his office window and go nomad. He closed down Leafworks selling the shares to Wandering Leaf Designs. After a brief stint at Microsoft as well as Wave Broadband, Thomas was back to following his own inspirations. Wandering Leaf became a nomadic based caravan of creativity, world travels took him and his team across North America and into Europe. He set up shop in Eugene, Oregon; then Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, B.C., and finally Dublin, Ireland. His services expanded from Illustration, Design, and Development into Travel writing, photography, blogging, found treasures, and entertainment.

In 2004 after some life discoveries and accomplishment of bucket list achievements, Thomas minimized Wandering Leaf designs. He reduced the team from five developers to a one-man jack-of-all-trades. In the evenings, he would weave webs and manifest graphics, and during the day play Archaeologist.

Thomas then dove into doing shovelbum work as a contract Archaeologist. As a result, he experienced some tough obstacles including being chased by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 from Florida to Colorado. There he found himself in the role of a full-time Archaeologist for the U.S. Army. He began a profession with the Cultural Resources team at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In Conclusion, this resulted in little free time forcing him to have to focus on a new life path. Thomas dedicated himself to the preservation of the past, thereby closing up Wandering Leaf Designs for good. He was quickly promoted to being the Data Manager, Curator, and GIS Specialist with his team in the Army.

Thomas Baurley exploring Ireland birthing the concepts of Techno Tink Media origins.

Technogypsie Productions

Hiding from the creative spirit and wanderlust did not last very long. As 2006 was ending, he got calls for his talents once again for graphic design, web development, and research services. The Army asked him to take on dual roles as an Information Management Officer (IMO). Thomas soon found himself moonlighting in the evenings and eventually creating a new web studio called Technogypsie Productions. He took on a couple of other creative specialists and began offering digital and research services once again.

The team at Technogypsie Productions in 2008 also opened up an artist collective and storefront in Historic Manitou Springs. The shop hosting art gallery space, retail and art sales, as well as community events. By 2012, Thomas was offered an opportunity to sail on the historic HMB Endeavour during its circumnavigation around Australia. He then gained the opportunity to assist in teaching an Archaeological field school in Cornwall England.

Taking leave from his position with the Army, Thomas focused on Technogypsie Productions as a company wrapped around Adventure. This lead to him exploring his passions around mythology and folklore. He began exploring sacred wells in the Americas and Europe. Above all, his life focus was studying Archaeology, blogging, and storytelling. He shared his art, dreams, and creativity whilst traveling the world sometimes solitary and other times with the team. He established himself as a photographer, researcher, and developer ending up in Ireland, South Carolina, California, and the Pacific Northwest.

Techno Tink, Inc.

In conclusion, As you can see from its history, Techno Tink Media Origins began with a unique startup. Thomas found himself once again living in Colorado after several life changes and challenges altered his nomadic journey. He embraced life as a new parent and thereby established new life goals. In short, Thomas crucially re-evaluated his dreams, aspirations, company, and changed focus.

His team worked together to manifest the newest, yet final, evolution of the creative journey as Techno Tink Media (TTM). As a result, the team focused on presenting the Living Myth, storytelling, writing, photography, research, and design as a service. Techno Tink presents you with over 30 years of Print and Digital production experience. After that, TTM is the final chapter of its woven webs from the 80’s to the present. The staff at Techno Tink Media are experts at Adobe Product Suite expertise, GIS, Multimedia, E-commerce, Marketing, blogging, and vlogging.

Simplified and Streamlined

To sum up, Techno Tink Media simplified the process of print and digital media. By merging their expertise from working with mom n’ pop shops, small businesses, corporations, and governmental agencies they developed a new methodology. This enabled the team to use the best strategies in weaving imagination into a reality.

TTM specializes in WordPress, WooCommerce, ArcGIS, cartography, photography, PastPerfect, and the Creative software of Adobe into solutions clients need. The focus is simplifying and streamlining their client needs. Moreover, After 30 years of evolution, Techno Tink Media Origins offers a magnitude of services and expertise. The company has studios in Colorado and Washington state.

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