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Techno Tink Media, LLC.

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Techno Tink Media offers all graphic art, research, and design services. From logos to web pages, catalogs to publications, and capturing life’s moments to photographs, we have you covered. Our help desk also offers technical support, advice, and expertise to train you. Most importantly, you can choose to either run your own show or have us do it for you.

Creativity at your Fingertips

Are you lost and confused about getting your services, products, or story online or in print? Then let Techno Tink Media (TTM) solve your dilemma. We can weave together your imagination and existence to print or online media with over 30 years of magical talent.

In short, With Techno Tink, your dilemma for Print or Digital Art and Media needs is solved.

TTM’s development team can guide you in all your needs to get the word out about your business or story. Your specialist offers graphic art, research, design, photography, videography, advertising, promotion, and search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance your presence.

Graphic Art, Research, Design, and Media

Creating an image, look, and presence for you is our ultimate specialization. We can create a logo for you to represent you purpose, passion, and focus. Brand recognition is an ultimate key for client growth and discovery. We can weave your web, tell your story, print your publications, and guide your sales. With over 30 years of academic and corporate research experience, our team will help you find what you seek.

E-commerce and Social Media

The wizards of Techno Tink Media also specializes in e-commerce, blogs, and e-stores. Your assigned specialist can help you create your own online storefront. We can also get you started on Amazon, Facebook, eBay, or Etsy. TTM Talent can also create social media pages you need to expand your product and services online. Above all, we’ll get your sales on track.

Moreover, our experts can also research and guide you in Search Engine Optimization and advertising needs to boost your presence. As a result your marketing will be focused.

SEO and Marketing

Techno Tink Media specialists have had over 30 years of crawling around the web. We were skilled with search engine optimization from the days when one had to individually register sites with the plethora of engines that once existed. As the world has been captivated by Google, our focus has shifted as well. Let us guide you in advertising, marketing strategy, and optimizing your content. As a result, your wording will generate results.

Research and History

Deeply rooted in academia and investigation, Techno Tink can also research anything you need to find or produce. Let us delve deep through the web and archives to find what you seek. From Archaeological site records to published reports, user guides and instruction manuals, review or blogs … we have you covered. That is to say – if it exists, we can find it.

Blogging, Writing, and Story Telling

The writing team can offer you ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, photography, digital art, illustration, and research services. Let us write your story for you. Additionally, we can also craft your experience and services into video production to tell your tale. In Short, We can weave your web.

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